You know what I hate….

Being accused of something that you didn’t do or have any intention to do. I know this is off topic compared to the spooky I posted earlier, but it just happened to me and not that it was over anything substantial, (just some lost keys, that we’re eventually found) it was just that it was the first time I was in the moment to FEEL what was happening to my body, the sensations I was feeling while being called a “liar.”

The words being hurled feel vitriolic and it makes sense why my mother was always so on me about calling people liars, we used the word “fib” or “fibbing,” I was scolded harshly for it.

I immediately went on the defensive until the point it looked like I was lying. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I become indifferent to the charges, defiant, and outright fly off the handle. The two things I loathe are being called a liar and being called a whore. It makes my neck taught, my face immediately gives it away, and then it’s anger at the accusation ever having been lobbed at me in the first place.

Hey! At least I hold myself accountable.

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