What’s your favorite time of day?

I prefer that sweet spot, right in between morning and night. You know, the time that’s there and not at the same time?

When it’s too late to be morning, but the sun isn’t yet breaking through. It’s similar to a train on a track or head-on collision between cars, only instead of hearing it coming and not quite being able to see, you smell it, before it appears.

If you were to be outside, during this purgatory that is this time, you’d be able to feel the air start to thicken, reaching a pinnacle around 3:00am. In paranormal circles, it’s known as “dead time” and is supposed to be the “time when the veil between the third and fourth diemensions is the thinnest,” it has been reported to be almost “non-existent” on Halloween, and “allows those who have yet to cross over the ability to travel away from whatever house, land, vessel (like a doll or stuffed animal), or item they’re tied to, and roam among the living freely, only on this one night.”

I believe that all of the paranormal instances, reports of Bigfoot, and alien abductions are all connected somehow. I watched a show called, Hellier Featuring Greg Newkirk and Dana Newkirk, who also run the blog Planet Weird. It’s on Amazon Prime, I’m not sure if you can view it anywhere else but it is the single most fascinating series I’ve ever watched.

I’m not going to spoil anything for anyone, but I will give a brief eun-down on it, if not to convince you to watch it, at least because I need to talk about it with someone and it’s a light subject I’d argue.

It starts out with a clip from the end of the season, then goes into the story of how this whole experiment came to light starting with an email that was associated with Newkirk’s first paranormal documentary that he had made years prior, and a blog post that, just so happened to be scheduled by one of his colleagues that helped him work on the documentary, and on the same day he received a reply to the email he had written during a livestream Q&A for either Planet Weird or the documentary (I can’t really remember which).

Then it jumps into another project Greg had for another type of mythical creature or the term I’m more familiar with using, cryptids. They talk about the fabled Mothman, reports of cave trolls near Kentucky, and the search for a house that only served as b-roll during filming and was never given a more than a second thought until almost a year later.

I won’t venture any further as I hope that’s enough to entice you to watch it for a much fuller picture. The point of even bringing this up is because throughout the entire show numbers, dates, times, pitches, sounds, and vibrations pop up in numerous places. I think everything is about vibration and energy. They say that cryptids (I’ll use the Slenderman example because of those two girls that tried to murder their best friend because “Slenderman told them to,” making it the most prominent) can be manifested or brought to life if enough people believe it to be real.

Maybe I like the idea of “dead time” because that’s what it feels like, dead time. What if we, as humans, only have the capability to reach the same vibrations as the fourth diemension, and what if the veil really is it’s thinnest at 3:00am, and there is energy that is palpable and can only slightly be felt if we aren’t attuned to our “sixth sense,” as Paul Selig and James Van Praagh refer to it as?

As I’m writing this, dead time is vastly approaching and I can feel the gooseflesh on prickling on my skin, the faint feel of the air thickening, and the distinct feeling that I am not ever really alone, none of us are.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I have never been one to shy away or be fearful of dead time. Others have said the exact opposite, they fear the idea of being alone at night, at 3:00 in the morning, and check underneath their beds or feeling like there is so much of a threat that you actually HAVE to leave the light on.

Me? Well I have always been alone, even during the day. Nighttime has always been my solitude, and dead time was the only time I actually didn’t feel alone. Isn’t that funny, how that works?

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