What’s your all-time favorite album?

An album that I would consider to be ny all-time favorite most likely goes to Crybaby, K-12, and After School by Melanie Martinez.

I know that in a previous post of favorite songs and why most, if not all, of the songs that were listed were hers, and every album she releases feels like she broke into my house, stole my notebooks filled to the brim with cringy poems and song lyrics from awful bands that sound like nails on a chalkboard, thought,

“Hmmm…I can make an album out of this girls fake pain and suffering,” then skipped onto The Voice with her quirky, creepy, gorgeous self. I can see her audition as if I were there. Her hair styled to look like a giant ribbon, that only added to her authenticity was the Cruella Deville dye-job; half black, half platinum, when she began to sing Hit the Road Jack, in that sexy gravelly style that’s normally only reserved for African Americans; you know, the literal inventors of Jazz and Blues music, (No it wasn’t Elvis, Elvis was a janitor that just so happened to sound like the black guy they “couldn’t put on television” because it could, “hurt their ratings.” Believe me, if you saw me right now, just typing that, I’m literally roling my eyes, fuck guys this is what black people are talking about when they say things like:

“White people whitewash history,” or “We want the real history of this country taught to our childrem,” or “CRT is an important concept in law that’s only studied in college but children do have questions about race and we as parents should allow educators the freedom to teach the subject as they see fit.” Because it happens, how many people from Gen Z knew that about Elvis? I’d actually wager they don’t even know who he is honestly. Like throw the whole idea in the trash because I was definitely operating under the assumption that they would know who that is and I’m almost shocked at how dumb that is.

Anyways, Amy Winehouse was able to achieve it and boy did Melanie’s voice scratch that itch for me. I didn’t hear about her until several years later, in 2012 and It was the night that the “world was going to end,” and I had grown tired of playing Skrillex on repeat, and was stoned enough to venture out of my comfort zone and seek out some melancholic and new music to listen to, and her single, Dollhouse had just been released.

At that moment I took the plunge into her music, her being, her light, her message. Everything. 

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