What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

The funny thing is, the last thing I searched online was a book called Denial by: Jon Raymond and I was actually quoting it. Well really rather I was referring to something that I had learned in it for a iece I worked on yesterday.

It was about denial and how humans essentially have always lived in denial and that’s how we survived. I mean, if you think about it long enough we are 3most likely here today because of anxiousness and fear. While we may not have anything to fear physically, I believe that fear and anxiousness propel us foreward. If we don’t have that inner voice telling us that we need to panic or we need to fear something then what allows us to be successsful?

On the flip side of that, people who are overconfident in their abilities often do well in denial. The brain utilizes projection and previous experiences to aide you in your everyday life. That’s why confirmation bias is a thing in the first place. Our brains are constantly processing information and data about everything and often unconsciously. Our conscious thinking isn’t really the issue here, we can’t change it, we can only really just expand our worlview.

If you want to be specific ahout it, it’s akin to what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook does with your meta data. Well aside from deleting it haha. That’s what makes our brains so fascinatiing, data goes in and nothing is really ever comes out. It’s just added to the long list of random garbage in your head that you would rather have no one see.

It would be an interesting book to summarize. If you all would be interested in it, I could do book reviews. I inhale books, they’re literally my lifeblood, and I have finished over 400 and something books this year. I’ll admit, they’re mostly non-fiction. I just can’t write fiction anymore I am an AWFUL world-builder.

Like how do people like J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer create these elaborate worlds (Stephanie Meyer specifically because not only does she bounce around different genres of fiction, but they’re long and elaborate)? The immersion is almost unbelieveable.

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