What profession do you admire most and why?

      A profession that I have a deep admiration and respect for I’d have to say is our Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurosurgeons, Neuroscientists, social workers, teachers (especially high-school and kindergarten classes), add public schools on top of it, as the lovely Samantha Irby titles her book, Uhm, No Thank You, (which just so happens to be the title of one of my favorite books from her) is a collection of essays that’s both hilarious, and a completely accurate representation of an average person, who just so happens to have been brought up in the midwest as a black lesbian, with less than ideal role models for parents, and dealing with the everyday realities of living with Chrone’s disease.

      I admire all of the medical professionals and people with chronic diseases because they somehow manage to navigate life with patience and genuine care for others. Especially the terminally ill, who have no choice but to live every day of their lives and that’s a very inspiring trait. It can inspire a lot of people.

      How our healthcare system operates as a whole, is appalling. Mental health issues like depression and anxiety (and not to mention all of the recent diagnoses in personality disorders) and loneliness and then couple that with all of the isolation and constantly seeing people die every day and without family members would have an enormous negative effect on anyone, let alone a nurse or doctor or psychiatrist that is typically built to handle such tragedies.

      I am inspired and humbled by their incredible kindness and resilience to persevere in the face of insurmountable uncertainty, and even then it can still affect their families when they go home, and I don’t know about you, but if I were working in a hospital, and one of my family members died because I contracted it unknowingly from work, I’m not sure I could even live with myself, let alone, don my scrubs and surgical mask every morning (and sometimes having to re-use them or make makeshift hospital scrubs out of trash bags) and go to my job, knowing the potential risks I am subjecting myself to, and walk into work, and repeat the day all over again. We don’t deserve the kindness that these brave men and women (who are by no means obligated to risk their lives for people they don’t know and have no obligation to) have shown throughout this pandemic, and I’d thank your lucky stars that despite all of the hatred and stubbornness and downright inappropriate behavior that we have shown them, they STILL believe that they have a moral obligation to lend their services. For that, we should all be grateful.

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