What is the most important thing to carry with you all the time?

To answer this prompt, I’m going to take full creative liberty with it because why not? There are two ways you can interpret this. The most important thing to keep on me at all times in terms of safety and survival, well I’m going to need my gun and my phone. I feel like every woman whose under 100 pounds should have to carry those things mandatorily when walking alone especially at night. The gun for obvious reasons of self-defense and my phone for calling 9-1-1 (and that’s under the assumption that I’ll even be in an area where cell phone service is available to me). For non-emergencies, personal comfort, and a quasi good luck charm I can’t be without my wedding ring, and I read a  book called, How to Fix Your Marriage Without Talking About It, and in that book there was an exercise that suggested notes be written and kept with the other at all times. The note is for when we are arguing or not getting along, or thinking about giving up (and most couples are not immune to having these moments in their marriages, it’s just how you come back from it) you’re instructed to read the note as a reminder to yourself and your partner, why you’re together in the first place, why you love each other, and remind the both of you of your shared history, experiences, and time together. I don’t go anywhere without it (and no it’s not JUST because the threat of divorce can happen at any moment), it stays lodged in my phone case and my husbands identical note is usually tucked away in his wallet. I don’t know if he has ever had to pull his out before (I think he really just keeps it there to humor me), but I know that when I’m feeling anxious or unsure or am doing something new, it makes me feel like I have him right beside me and cheering me on, it brings me comfort.

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