What habits do you do daily that positively impact your quality of life?

Habits. It usually comes with a negative connotation, as if I habit is always bad. Not all habits are bad, but most all good habits have the potential to become negative.

I don’t think I have habits, I mean, I’m not immune to the age-old addage, “the road to hell is always paved with good intentions. I’m not unaware that neuroscientists repeat almost like an anthem, “neurons that wire together fire together,” and I am keenly aware that a study revealed how to foster a habit it and make sure it sticks; you have to do the activity, hobby, diet, exercise, or stop being a hermit (and thusly ignoring everyone and isolating herself in her apartment for two weeks because…DEPRESSION, fuckng duh haha) for 60 days in a row. I believe once you are passed 62 or 63 days specifically, the old neurons that once fired every time your wife asked you a question that sounded TOO much like something your mom would say to you, the neurons connected to that behvior will no longer fire, because you have either dealt with the underlying issues of how and why you immediately become angry with your mother, or (as is the case with almost every guy my age and is around me just enough for me to form a case study the moment he hits 25-years-old, and if he’s even older? The interviewee isn’t nearly as indoctrinated in the toxic and unrealistic expectations we have for young men when it comes to masculinity. I’d argue that these wiser more experienced men who prove the younger mans naivety and ignorance to be aginst the very nature of humans themselves.

Obviously, these men have “been there, done that,” and found that their tough-guy egos and endless amounts of pride (both of which I assumed the military just beat out of you like a Rambo movie, hoowever I could be just entirely making it up haha) only got them scolded by those who were above them in rank, discharged from the military entirely (either for desertion, rape, or disobeying a direct order as a subordinant.

These men claim that no amount of civilian re-integration will ever prepare them for what their fmilies will inevitably need from them emotionally, nor will it prepare them to start families and meet women. Me personally, I could only imagine what it would feel like, being taught that your emotions can put everyone in danger, and then 10 years later being expected to pretend as if you have never been interrogated by a forign government before and as if any bit of vulnerability puts not only the men he fought in combat with at risk, but also his family’s safety, depending on the circumstances, of course.

I bring this up because I don’t really look at anything I do as a habit, as it can be picked up and put down and never given a second thought. I have routines. Routines for getting my daughter into the bathtub, routines for the different types of moods she may wake up in, routines and distractions are my bread and butter, and I think those improve my (and everyone else in the house, apart from maybe my husband because he is perpetually miserable) quality of living quite a bit.

Being organized to me IS a quality of living increase. Just making your bed is immensely helpful when you are depressed and have anxiety, and that’s not even an opinion that’s a scientific fact haha. If one is depressed and they live in a depressing environment (I mean the floors aren’t clean, dirty dishes, and maybe you haven’t even bothered to change your sheets or shower in this manic depressive episode you’ve found yourself in for at least two weeks), in a dilapidating industry towns, no ability to buy a home and start a family, no retirement money, all while being too afraid to ask for help for fear of being labeled as “weak,” unable to take care of himself or his family, and most importantly, the biggest insult you can make to someone who fought so rigorously for this country; a freeloader, bum, and probably a drug addict (despite the fact that he’s most likely decorated) that’s always in need of something, despite having sacrificed much to his country and his citizens.

My answer in short, is that my habits that impact my quality of life, is how well we keep the systems that are in place currently adaptable, organized, and up to date. Always being adjusted for every possible contingency. It may not be good for me, necessarily in the long run, but my family will benefit and if there is a chance that anything would happen to me, this house, my husband, and mostly my daughters schedule, well, it would go on without me, and that’s all the “infamy” I wish to go down in.

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