What do you love about where you live?

Actually, what’s kind of funny about this particular question is, it’s improved over time, significantly. Even now it feels like Cincinnati (really the 45 minutes surrounding Cincinnati) has gained rapidly. Corrupt officials going to jail, districting maps being challenged and sent to the state legislature, and gun rights being expanded in this area as well. Went a little backwards on the abortion debate but unfortunately, despite my distaste of the trigger laws that Ohio had in place, is hardly shocking to those of us that live here. I feel as if I have to mention the gun thing, we are still in the Midwest, people here have been trained from young ages how to use and operate handguns and especially rifles. There are “wild” parts of Ohio that still require the use of such firearms. Bears and cyotes if we want to be extremely specific…..oh and boars (if you were unaware boars are slowly taking over the country and ruining food production all across the globe and our government is doing absolutely nothing about it, look it up I’m being entirely serious, my source for this is Cody from Some More News on YouTube whose massive amounts of sources and citations I have scrutinized, and have found to be factual but I’m sure one Google search and you’re most likely to verify the claims). A lot of men around here also use rifles and some revolvers for competitons, some even include horses. What I’m trying to say, is that the gun issue isn’t one that is taken all to serisously around here, despite the Midwest and some parts of the South having higher rates of men who kill themselves with firearms than other parts of the country. I don’t think any of us have blamed the accessibility of guns for our loved ones mental wellbeing. In our minds if you fix the economic ruin and bring jobs back, fix the crumbling infrastructure, and actually fund public schools and make aquiring a college degree affordable for everyone, I’d argue that they wouldn’t feel as hopeless as they do. Honestly, if you see the amount of people that have died from addiction (heroin mostly, and by that I mean fetnyl because most if not all of the heroin around here is basically just fetnyl), you become enraged at the government, for making shit worse. Then there are peeple like J.D. Vance who is literally one of us, but has decided to exploit his success story and the thousands of addicts (not excluding their children) for significant gains in his political career. Screw him. Tim Ryan is from Youngstown, and I’ve neber heard a sentator or congressmen from here vouch for the midwest on the floor of the Senate, with FERVOR in my life. I didn’t mean for this to be a political ad but, man, what I love about where I live I feel like is under threat, so I couldn’t help but go off on that slight tangent. The abortion debate unfortunately isn’t an easy conversation to have here. There are a shit load of boomers here, and it’s even worse when you go towards Pennsylvania. It’s also apart of the “Bible Belt” or “Rust Belt” so deeply religious. Mostly Catholic, Methodist (fun fact Ulysses S. Grant was Methodist), Pentecostal, and Episcopalian. There is a fantastic book, (one of few engaging books about Ohio) it’s called Barnstorming Ohio, by David Giffels. He really captures the kinship of where I live and what it feels like to be apart of one of the most diverse places in the country. He captures everything I love about living here and all of the things I can’t stand about living here. Giffels manages to explain why the things we love and hate about this shit state, are the same reasons people like Dave Chappelle don’t want affordable housing near him despite having the financial stability to literally live anywhere the fuck he wants? Leaving most of scratching our heads saying some form of “why on earth would he WANT to live here?” I think we all secretly want to be here. Brene Brown preaches the importance of being in nature for children and the benefits it has for their development in the long run, creating resiliency and grit. Ohio has plenty of that. There is never a nature trail, fishing hole, or state/national park very far away. There are plenty of places to explore, vegetable stands to go to, and an innumerable amount of cows and corn. I mean A LOT, like, my friends and I, when I was a volunteer at a horse rescue, would joust with giant corn stalks on top of bareback horses. I love living here, and if enough people my age (or I’ll even take boomers who are informed and do not receive their news from Facebook) head to the polls (as corny as that sounds) we do have the ability to be set the example, and be like Kansas. So yes I guess this is political advocacy but I don’t give a shit, I grew up conservative and I hated it and it made me seek out acceptance and approval from people by doing things that would end up with me being in trouble, and it made me rebel and do things I would never do just because my parents said I couldn’t. I don’t want everyone to grow into adults and be unsure of who they are because they’ve been letting society dictate it for them. In all reality we rob ourselves of innovation and motivation when we exclude people who are different.

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