What brings you peace?

Peace is a commodity that is in extremely short supply. What ultimately brings it to me is knowing that my family is safe, housed, fed, and adequately hydrated. My hope for peace in the future, for my daughters sake, well, I tend to air on the side of positivity, a “glass half full” kind of gal. I think the idea of another Civil War or a World War is a ridiculous thing to assume, given that everyone in the world is aware of the destruction and the end of civilization if something like that were to occur. A Civil War is ridiculous to me because everything you read or hear about civil unrest is false. Crime rates have been dropping steadily for decades, granted there has been an uptick in some areas but (to quote Boris Johnson’s amazing resignation speech) “them’s the breaks.” The condition of the media is abhorrent, and giving them any amount of credit for “informing” the public is an actual joke. There is a tidbit of information that I learned today that everyone should be acutely aware of, because it makes sense as to why the doomsday bells always ring in the mainstream media. Did you know that the Federal Government owns more land in the West than in the East? Wouldn’t it make sense that the West would be more represented in the media and the doom and gloom thats propogated and spread throughout the populace is the government fear mongering and driving us all apart so they’re free to enact policies and run the nation according to their delusional version freedom. I didn’t intend for this to even be about politics or government, but the truth is, the future has been on my mind heavily, if not for the life my daughter will live, but for my own sake as well. I’m 25-years-old, the world is still very much so open to me, the possibilities should be endless. Yet when I look around and see the so-called “gains” that my generation is supposed to have accumulated thus-far, I see nothing but economic and financial turmoil. I see people my age still living with their parents and not because they want to, but out of necessity. I want more, more for myself, more for my daughter, more for my family, and more for others like me. I hope for peace in the future.

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