What are your top 10 favorite songs and why are they significant to you?

  • 1. Cactus in the Valley (acoustic) by Lights: If anyone asks me what my favorite song is in casual conversation, this song will always be the first one I cite in almost every circumstance. It’s one that speaks to me the most really.
  • 2. Save Me by Nicki Minaj: I am not entirely sure why this song has the affect it does on me, but it literally just reminds me of all of the times I was a sad, dumb teenager whining about my fake problems (usually boy problems, so the problems that are the least significant of all of the teenage problems) begging for someone to save me because I really did feel like giving up. The embarassing part is, the song still immediately causes me to cry almost uncontrollably.
  • 3. Budding Trees by Nahko and Medicine for the People: If this song doesn’t bring you some type of joy, you desparately need to see a therapist or something because you are fundamentally broken as a person. Either that or you need your ears checked. I don’t care if it seems like a hippie song, even the music video should bring you some sort of happiness, that’s what this does for me.
  • 4. Werewolf by CoCoRosie: I have to warn you that this one is rather strange and a song that is FULL of metaphors that the listener is free to interpret however they please, I will only implore you to at the very least give it a chance. This song was introduced to me by a woman named Emily (R.I.P.), who was my friend Katy’s older sisters friend, whose only reason for being there (I assume) was to make sure the underaged drinking that was definitely happening (screwdrivers if my memory serves me correctly), didn’t become a major issue. The memory is extremely vivid as it was one of the first times that I smoked weed. We were all sitting in a circle on the floor of Katy’s basement, the lights were off, and there was trippy lights and a speaker with one of those plastic disco balls whose colors were red, blue, and green. Emily came down the basement stairs, and I was immediately drawn to her. She had long hair that had been dyed a deep red, almost like an apple. Beautiful blue eyes, spider bite piercings on the right side of her bottom lip, and a hoop piercing in her nose. As she glanced around the dingy and smoky basement, she plopped down right next to me, and I was shocked. It felt like she purposefully chose me to sit next to, which was monumental in disarming the immediate instinct to hate other women because it was the only time that a woman (especially the teenage turmoil that I was experiencing at the time) other than Katy that had showed me really any form of genuine kindness. After a few terrible rap songs later, Emily wanted to show us a song, and it has stuck in my mind ever since, especially since her tragic and sudden death; that was shocking enough, until you factor in the way that she died. She suffocated from a fire extinguisher, she was just married, and had a 1-year-old little boy and I had even helped her put away her plates, bowls, and wine glasses long after everyone passed out from the hash smoking. Ever since then I have always associated the song with the friendship and guidance that she provided me.
  • 5. Big Latto Freestyle by Latto: This one in particular is a straight up banger, at least to me anyways. It’s just a fun confidence booster and one I know by heart (not as if I don’t know all of the songs by heart).
  • 6. Detention by Melanie Martinez: It absolutely cannot be overstated how much I am in love with this woman. For starters she’s weird as shit, and it’s absolutely adorable. I often describe her as  what Billie Elish wishes she could be, and what Halsey claims (and fails) she is, but ultimately comes off as a try-hard. This song in particular only resonates with me so heavily because I was in detention quite a bit and I find this to be an accurate representation in the form of song, of what detention was like for me personally.
  • 7. Wheels on the Bus by Melanie Martinez: Okay, so I’m going to just go ahead and apologize because the rest of this list is most likely going to contain Melanie Martinez songs, but it’s almost as if she had been following me my entire life and documented it in song (aside from the song Teachers Pet, it doesn’t apply to me because I never slept with or had an attractive male teacher except my junior and senior year biology teacher Mr. Baltzer. He worked out a lot, so he was extremely fit and wore the perfect fitted t-shirts, and the “big” selling point that all of the girls in my class talked about was his beard, with fantasies of wanting to, and I quote, “sit on his face,” unquote. It makes me laugh thinking about it now because he HAD to be aware of it, at least to n extent) and then decided to release it in the fantastic year of 2020. But I digress, this song is special because you would have thought that “holding it down, up in the front” was my fucking day job. The bus was actual torture for me and required numerous amounts of contingencies and potential outcomes and planning that is way too much added stress for a teenager.
  • 8. Notebook by Melanie Martinez: I told you. Melanie overload, but I can’t help it. This one seems like it was taken right from my husband and I’s most difficult challenge to overcome as a couple, although I can’t say it ever reached a level as destructive as this song portrays but balancing our time together and managing the time we have to ourselves as individuals and then adding even more cohesion we started to take an interest in each others interests. That’s just how you learn to work and live as a team, at the end of the day ALL relationships require maintenence.
  • 9. Lost Boy by Ruth B: Not only is this song very near and dear to my heart for two reasons. The first reason being the most obvious, it’s just a solid depiction of what it feels like to actually be an outsider. The second reason is the night I first hung out with my husband, before we were even officially dating each other, we were sitting on the swing underneath this gigantic tree in my mom’s front yard (the swing is wooden, creaks when you swing, and my mother has had since our first house), watching the fireflies, and out of nowhere we wandered over to the driveway and he put his arms around me from behind, I couldn’t help but stare up at the moon, it looked as if it weren’t even real because of how close and bright it seemed. It illuminated the entire driveway, and I utterly lost in space, almost forgetting he was even there, despite having the weight of his arms on my waist, I started singing this song, and I’m not even sure what went on the rest of the night, but I know in that moment I was doing something right. This song has stayed in my mind much like Emily and Werewolf.
  • 10. Weak When Ur Around by Blackbear: This one was a song that actually my husband attributed to our relationship very early on, and I remember when he told me that the song reminded him of me. I believe I was still working at the Baskin Robbins, it was just during this really awful (and half-assed) remodel that the owner absolutely refused to close the store for, and I was sitting by the side door smoking a cigarette right at dusk, when he sent me the song. It’s also one I’m fairly good at singing too, so it’s an added bonus.

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