Uhhhh I probably won’t remember this post but it’s whatever

Broski, I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken my medication in two days, and then had the audacity to complain about not being able to sleep.

“It turns out, I LIKE depriving myself of things”

Kramer from Seinfeld

I saw that particular episode of Seinfeld today and it’s relevant for the xanned out zombies you see Tucker Carlson squeaking about all the time, but no so for those on the medication and need it. Even though mine are acquired through many different avenues that (aside from the legitimate paths that could be taken but require too many qualifications, doctors, treatment programs, and therapy sessions) are illegitimate. Sorry, as much as I WANT to be a psychologist, I really cannot handle the way our current system works. The system as it stands forces counselors, psychiatrists, and family/marriage therapists to be overworked, burnt out, and is a job that can mentally exhaust you or numb you to it, to the point where you start treating people as number and just patients and not human beings that are frightened about their symptoms, circumstances, and financial stability potentially being ransacked because of medical expenses. It almost kind of sounds like surgeons (more specifically, surgeons that are adept in rare/specialized parts of surgical treatment and procedures) are more like Freelancers in that they pretty much set their prices and the insurance companies hype it even more for profit ; It’s a disgusting cash grab, and maybe we shouldn’t allow that?

Maybe we shouldn’t allow the people who carry WAY more of their patients’ burdens. Things like stresses, financial situations, struggles with the inability to even participate in the government assistance and family programs. My husband and I can’t because of our marital status (and the amount of time wasted to even get the form in Ohio is like 2-3 weeks) and the likelihood that you get approved for foodstmps or they obtain all of the super unnecessary documents they request (oh and your husband is white), seems alsmost impossible for a reason.

Almost like the system was set up to make us all a permanent underclass.

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