A Woman And A Racoon Walk Into A Bar. . .

Yesterday the Fargo Forum reported that bar patrons in Maddock, ND, who were in the Maddock Bar the night of September 6 needed to be aware that they…

A Woman And A Racoon Walk Into A Bar. . .

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you?

I can honestly say I have a lot of traits that I would consider to be red flags in a person, and MAYBE had I not been blinded by love and hormones, there is a possibility I’d have never married my husband, hell I’d have never met him to marry him in the first place.

The Potential Red Flags

Red flags are often the little things, if you choose to ignore them they tend to manifest themselves later, and in romantic relationships especially, it leads women to feel like they have no way out, starting over feels impossible especially when women tend to lose more when long-established relationships (children, alimony, finding childcare, finding housing, having to support yourself on one income, trying to receive government assistance, which isn’t as easy as everyone claims) are coming to end. Men usually don’t have to bear the weight of all of the added responsibilities as they are typically the primary household earner. This section’s red flag is: They show little to no respect for women and believe themselves to be superior to women. If you notice this early, I suggest you run for the hills because this person is most likely will not change these beliefs until they have a come-to-jesus moment, and oftentimes it’s far too late.

Another potential red flag manifests itself early but often goes unnoticed by many. It goes unnoticed because new romantic relationships otherwise known as the “newly-wed” or “honeymoon phase” lends one to dismiss this red flag because isolation from friends and family is inevitable in the beginning of any relationship especially with married individuals. However if it continues, well, that’ where the problem lies. This section’s red flag is: Signs of controlling behavior, usually in the form of jealousy, accusations of cheating after every outing alone, and extreme anger when you attempt to go out with friends.

The last red flag I will concentrate on, (as there are far too many for me to list here), actually doesn’t have anything to do with romantic relationships, it has to do with platonic ones, as they are not completely innocent either. Sometimes they have the potential to cause even more damage than romantic ones, as these relationships are built on trust and honesty from the beginning, especially in girl world. The final red flag in this section is: When you witness this “person of interest vilifies a person whose as they had been, just moments ago complimenting them. Flip-flopping, shows unreliability, that you’re unwilling to take accountability, and you’re a pussy.


I’m soooooo sorry for all of the manic depressive behavior today. It’s erratic I know, I’m not being my deep and philosophical self today, and I’m going to blame it on Tumblr? Like that sounds bad right? But I realize there are whole ass swath’s of people who are just as garbage and who also have no professional connections just like me. I’m kind of reminded that you are never really your OWN person, you’re a collection of garbage things, bad sitcoms, horrible reality tv shows, that one nude your fake friend got ahold of and spread around the school, and a bunch of other garbage, unoriginal, uninspiring, chaos that you’ve built an entire identity on, AND it’s not even fucking real. Your identity is literally just a bunch of disenfranchisement disguised in irony, satire, nihilism, and sarcasm so much so you don’t even know what’s even real.

I hate to break it to you all, (this could also be me just being a sad, dumb bitch today but meh 🤷🏽‍♀️) but you’re no more special than the dirt on my shoe or that Bhad Bhabie gif you keep sharing, (you know the one where she says “I’m about to start swinging”) only you aren’t going to fight anyone, you’re just using the same played out garbage in your sad attempt at a joke, by using it in reference to your reaction upon seeing…..

A fucking playground swing. A swing set.

You are garbage, we are all garbage, and then we die.