Synchronicities are happening to me and I’m not sure what they mean….

I have been blogging my butt off lately, this is true. There is however a rapidly emerging pattern that continues to pop up in almost every social media platform that I still have.

What makes this even stranger for me, is the fact that I don’t typically involve myself in the world of social media, unless it’s to market and grow my audience for this blog. Family members are BARELY permitted to look at or find this blog, for this reason I have taken very careful steps to ensure that the people I associate with on a daily basis aren’t immediately redirected to this website that I have deemed a safe space.

What I’m trying to make clear here is that there is no way this isn’t a synchronicity because there isn’t any possible way that I would keep seeing the same thing referenced in FOUR different places at FOUR separate times.

Dionysus. The Greek god and son of Zeus whose mother Semele was tricked by Hera (Zeus’s wife) into proving her lovers divinity by asking him to appear in his true form. Semele was pregnant with Zeus’s child and upon seeing him in all of his glory, she was struck with thunderbolts and perished, but not before Zeus could remove the baby (Dionysus) from her womb and carry him inside of his thigh.

Dionysus keeps appearing on my news feeds and blog posts despite never having posted, read, or shown any interest publicly about Greek Mythology. Does anyone have an answer for me?

What is the universe trying to tell me by systematically shoving Dionysus down my throat at every turn?

What does it mean?

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