Untitled –

I’m on a search to find,

peace of mind

the only time I’m going to look back is when I reach behind

you gotta grab a hold of it to control it,

is what I’ll be teaching mine

& question everything,

so you can see through the lies

when you read my poems,

you see through these eyes

you feel my low’s,

you feel my high’s


I should apologize,

for not approaching this differently

incoherently vivid

my mind just shifted,

now we can approach this different


I’m usually not myself when I awake, but it’s getting late

I had a taste of your warm embrace

& as time draws near,

I can see the siloutte of your face

there’s nothing between us now except space

so is it the thrill of the chase that’s keep me at the devil’s pace?

I trust every part of you, but to be so far apart is so hard to do

understand I’m a man, damned by pride

but I wear my heart on my sleeve,

leaving nothing inside

now wether you decide or not,

this time defined alot

I knew who I was still I changed for you

Credit goes to s-deezy, a link to the original post is below

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