How would you design the city of the future?

I’m most definitely NOT an architet. If I were to try my hand at being one, I’d probably choose to design it similarly to the way the mythical city of Atlantis was suspected to have been built. 

Since this isn’t an area I’m comfortable in at all and I’m an awful world-builder (why i also prefer to write creative non-fiction), so I’m going to take this opportunity to act as if I am the one who needs this future city built and I am telling the architet what features it has to include. 

I would want it to be economically viable and sustainable for the future of the future. It has to be built in a way that works with the wildlife instead of against it. I envision a utopia, as unattainable as that is. What I mean by that is I want trashless streets, real grass, trees, flowers, lakes and ponds, and a healthy ecosystem.

I would also ask that homes be reasonably sized, not like a communistic set-up, I just think a home with 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, is like, unnecessary for one family. Especially when you factor in New York City’s homeless population is as high as it is and that some of the most expensive apartments are mostly empty. That space could be repurposed, we could allow people the ability to contribute to society by giving them a space that’s their own, allows them to make deisons for themselves (if mentally capable), and then (once they no longer require the housing) be able to pass that housing onto the next individual who may need it.

I just want everything to make sense. Make it make sense, because the way cities are being constructed (rather expanded) isn’t working with the environment that we depend on. I’m no tree-hugger by any means, I just understand that climate change is a pressing concern, it should be taken seriosuly

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