How often do you walk or run?

I’ll preface this by saying that as much as I love to run, unfortunately I cannot.

This is going to soud corny as hell, but a soccer tryout in early adulthood has ruined my knees. I have permanent bruising on the miniscus is both of my knees. Knee injuries of any kind, in any sport, spells certain death for any hope of ever playing that sport again professionally.

I do take frequent walks, I walk my dog, Charlie (and no, I did not name him from the classic “Charlie bit my finger” video from years and years and years ago, the naming was purely coincedental), and I take frequent walks by myself.

My apartment complex is located in an “in-between” area, we are near enough to the hood, that we do receive some overflow from those individuals who were not as fortunate as my family and had to work their way out of the area. Whereas we were lucky enough to have resources and a location in a good area just long enough for us to be able to afford the “in-between” area.

In other words, it’s safe to wander around outside during the day, but at night there is a significant amount of crime. That crime, usually comes from counties just outside of our own. Our county has one of the harshest judges, so we barely see serious offenses being carried out, just petty crimes and misdemeanors.

I bring all of this up not to be my chaotic self, but because I used to prefer to take my walks at night alone. There is solitude and stillness there that I am naturally attracted to. That, night-walking, is no longer an achieveable goal for a 100 pound mixed woman at night. It’s far too dangerous.

When my husband and I first moved here, he had ordered Door Dash (not sponsored lol) and it was delivered to the incorrect house. It was late, and just as I was walking up the pathway away from my building, a man coming out of another building adjecent to mine, called to me,

“What’s a pretty little-thing like you doing out here at night all by herself?”

I turned around, went back inside my building, up the steps into my apartment, closed the door (locked it), and promptly called my husband to tell him what happened and that he needed to just ask for a refund (he was at work), and he agreed.

Not to make this a speecha about guns or whatever, but I bought a pair of knuckles and we bought a gun and a safe. I’m not putting my family at risk because gun ownership makes people uncomfortable. Sorry.

I do long for a world where I can safely walk outside at night and do it as often or as little as I wish, clearly that isn’t attainable right now, and I’m not going to put the safety of my family at risk because it makes a few people uncomfortable. I’m sorry you llve in lala land.

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