How do you relax?

I like to relax with any type of ceffiene paired with any kind of nicotine. I know I said yesterday that avice I’d like to be rid of is the vice of nicotine. At the same time I cannot deny that this is my all-time favorite way to relax.

Even right now, I have a Red Bull and my Juul. That will suffice. I mean, its not coffee amd a cigarette, it’s the next best thing haha. “The best thing since sliced bread,” or whatever that guy said.

I also really like to relax with a good book. If I’m reading a fiction book, I like it to be a physical copy of a book rather than a non-fiction one. I don’t know something about physically reading a fantasy story really immerses me in the story. It’s like the closet from Narnia, you are transported to another world almost. An alternate reality.

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