How are you feeling right now?

I apologize for not being in my right mind to write the past few days. It’s because I feel lost, I feel like everything I try to do is just futile. I’m unsure how to even continue this post. It’s just, like pointless to me.

Even after mking a friend, which UPDATE; I did not botch the friendship, she’s been entirely patient with me despite my numerous amounts of text messages I send her on a daily basis.

I have to add that if you ever become my friend or give me your number I will text you contantly even if I don’t receive a reply. I’m essentially just live tweeting my day to you, and you are in no way obligated to answer all or none of them hah.

It’s like despite everything going well (excluding the srguments with my husbamd lately), it’s as if I still feel empty, lost, and confused.

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