A Tough Pill to Swallow

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Nothing Ever Ends Poetically….

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Reading and Coffee

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Normal Marital Hatred is Real. Here is What To Do About It…

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Hollywood Has Monetized the Body

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Generational Curses

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Buy Me a Coffee?!

My buymeacoffee page is set up and ready to go! Thought I’d announce it in this way!


100 Why’s

Source/OP: https://at.tumblr.com/definegodliness/20-9-2022-i-felt-alive/q0si9km0jky8

This poem eludes to the biggest question we all have: What is our purpose? What are we here to do? You look around at all the pain and suffering we cause and have caused, you wonder: What did it all mean? Why did this happen? Do we bear some of the responsibility? Did we upset the balance? Can it be fixed?

Or is it simply too late?