A List of 30 Things I Love

  1. My husband.
  2. My daughter.
  3. The smell after it rains, when there is fresh dew on the ground.
  4. Curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon.
  5. Writing in my journal.
  6. Researching obscure topics.
  7. Learning about history.
  8. I love to color, it’s relaxing and eases my stress.
  9. Watching Ghost Adventures.
  10. Watching that really stupid show about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, because I always wanted to be a cheerleader but I was, well, let’s just say a late bloomer.
  11. The feel of fresh, warm sheets that have been pulled right from the dryer.
  12. Putting on a pair of just-washed jeans.
  13. Taking my bra (when I am forced to wear one) off at the end of an exhausting day.
  14. I love breakfast food, and the morning just so happens to be the time of day I eat the most.
  15. Meditating and actually going into trance (for me that’s an actual miracle)
  16. Playing Civilization 5 with my husband.
  17. Playing Kart Racers with my daughter.
  18. Having the house to myself (this rarely occurs, but the silence is glorious and I choose to enjoy it in the nude.
  19. Sleeping naked.
  20. Horseback riding.
  21. Using the bathroom in fucking peace AND with the door CLOSED, and no toddlers breaking into the bathroom.
  22. Thunder and lightning storms, with loud cracks and booms that shake and rattle the entire house.
  23. Cuddling in bed with my husband before our daughter wakes up and the only noise that can be heard is the fan.
  24. Playing board games.
  25. Completing a puzzle.
  26. When the leaves on the trees change color in autumn, especially in the Midwest, it looks like a painting with rolling hills dotted with beautiful bright red, yellow, orange, and flecks of green that span miles.
  27. The color blue, Cookie Monster blue to be specific, but I do tend to favor all of the different shades of blue, I don’t discriminate.
  28. Hiking or really just taking a nature walk on any trail available.
  29. Fishing, I don’t even necessarily NEED to catch anything. It’s the serenity and calmness that I enjoy the most, just being outside, watching the breeze gently blow your fishing line as you anxiously stare at the pole waiting for a nibble.
  30. I love long road trips, mostly just driving on new roads and sightseeing.

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