Magical scene – a pickup cab sitting right there atop its own back. San Jon, New Mexico photographed 6.5.2021


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  1. Be my guest!! Like I said I tried to cover my butt on that one in case it wasn’t like clear because none of my original posts are in any of those categories, if you put a link in the comment section I will approve it and make sure that it isn’t marked as spam! Thank you for letting me know, in the future if I reblog anything from you, you can put a link to it in the comments, my apologies, I’m kind of figuring this whole thing out as I go lol

  2. I try to, like, put them in a category that makes it clear it does not belong to me, apparently that’s not working, is there a particular way to do that? I just kind of assumed when I reblogged it would do that, I promise it’s not intentional

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